Mizoram Tourism Sees Nearly 200,000 Visitors in 2023-early 2024 Season

American Tourists Lead Mizoram's Tourism Boom, Domestic Visits Surge


Aizawl, April 29, 2024: Mizoram's tourism sector witnessed a total of 196,880 visitors during the 2023- early 2024 season, spanning from April to February. According to a recent report released by the state's Tourism Department, of this number, 3,435 were foreign tourists, with Americans being the predominant group.

Domestic tourism accounted for the bulk of visitors, reaching 193,445 individuals during the same period. Notably, May 2023 emerged as the peak season, attracting 21,349 domestic tourists and 347 international visitors.

Comparatively, these figures reflect a slight decrease from the previous year's tourism statistics, however, the data does not account for the remainder of 2024. In 2022-2023, Mizoram welcomed 222,008 tourists, including 3,551 international visitors.

Among the international tourists in the 2023-2024 season, Americans constituted the largest group, numbering 1,162. Other nationalities represented included Japanese, British, Australian, Israeli, and Canadian tourists.

Efforts to boost tourism in Mizoram have intensified, particularly since the easing of pandemic restrictions. Despite facing challenges in attracting visitors, Mizoram's tourism sector is showing signs of gradual growth. To support this trend, the state government has approved 89 tour guides to assist visitors across various locations in Mizoram.

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