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It is often said that Mizoram and Nagaland are like Ghana and Nigeria. Just like Nigeria and Ghana, the two states are not immediate neighbours but treat each other like they were adjacent neighbours and have maintained a very good relationship like that which exist between Ghana and Nigeria, just without the rivalry. Over the years Mizos and Nagas have complimented each other on their achievements and have also helped each other in times of need. Did you know?  Nagaland was the only state from Northeast India that helped Mizoram during the mautam rat epidemic of 2007, Nagaland sent delegates to Mizoram and organised several charity events for the cause of food shortage in the state of Mizoram. So t is no wonder that Mizos in general have a good perception of Nagas in Nagaland, but in this article, we will be taking a little deeper dive into the relationship between nagas of Nagaland and Mizos of Mizoram and why specifically do Mizos by nature love the Nagas of Nagaland. 

Reason #1 

Nagas are beautiful,highly fashionable and loveable

Attractiveness is something that God has gifted to the Nagas and the Mizos are not ignorant of this fact. The average Mizo find Naga men and women extremely attractive. From their skin complexion to their facial structure and the way they carry themselves, Mizos are just swayed by it. The most beloved subject about the Nagas among the Mizos is just how beautiful their complexion looks and how confident they carry themselves around unlike the most often shy and reserved Mizos. The fashion sense of the Nagas is another thing the Mizos like to talk about. Being very fashion-conscious themselves, the Mizos find the fashion sense of the Nagas refreshing and relatable among the myriad of other Indians who do not share the same fashion sense with them. 

Reason #2 

Same Political past 

The Naga and Mizo independence movements are still the most powerful separatist movement in Northeast's history and both Nagas and Mizos have suffered persecution under both the Indian government and separatist organisations. Although separatist movements and ideologies have greatly subsided with efforts made by both the government of India and the separatist organisations, the troubled times of the independence movement era has greatly moulded the perspective and ideologies of the Mizos and Nagas and their view of the world and the perception of their place as Mizo/Naga in India and the world are remarkably identical. Though not rebellious, the Nagas and Mizos are by nature very independent with a strong regional identity. And their perception of other Indians and the government is pretty much the same, so to a Mizo, Nagas are the closest pals when it comes to political ideologies which can be attributed to commonality in political history. This only makes them more connected with the Nagas of Nagaland than say to other Indians. 

Reason #3

Nagas love for Music 

Mizos are said to be lovers of music, music is an important aspect of their culture and who else in the Northeast loves music as much as they do? Well, it is the Nagas of Nagaland of course. The Nagas and Mizos share a common interest which is their love for western music, an anomaly in India that is dominated by Hindustani Music.  It is refreshing for a Mizo to find another Indian community that have the same music taste as they do and over the past years, Mizo artists have enjoyed celebrations in Nagaland and vis versa. Like we have mentioned in the introduction, Nagaland actually sent its music artist to sing for a charity event in Mizoram way back in 2007 when Mizoram was facing a Mautam food shortage. Tells a lot about how these two states have established a relationship through music. 

Reason #4

Nagas are Christian by majority

Though religion often time becomes a force that separates people around the world,  in the case of the Nagas and Mizos, religion in Christianity have brought them together. Especially being two of the three Christian majority state in India, Mizoram and Nagaland have so many things in common and have seen each other as spiritual siblings though they are ethnically different. All major churches in Nagaland and Mizoram are united under the banner of the Northeast India Christian Council. 

Reason #5 

The general kindness of the Nagas towards the Mizos and the Naga bravery

No Mizo who has lived with the Nagas of Nagaland would ever call the Nagas cruel. It is a common saying among the Mizo diaspora community that Nagas on many occasions often treat them better than their own fellow Mizos. When both Nagaland and Mizoram were parts of Assam, many Mizo government servants were posted in Nagaland and when they returned, all they could say about the Nagas was just how kind they were to them. The Nagas are by general very generous, kind and warm-hearted, but they seemed to always go a step further in making sure that their Mizo neighbours are comfortable. The bravery of the Nagas is something the Mizos have always greatly admired about the Nagas. From their dealings on border issues to their show of courage against bigger government, the Mizos have nothing but complete admiration for the Nagas and aspire to be more like them. While all national media were abandoning Mizoram, Nagas and their media were the only people group in the Northeast that were actively supporting Mizos during their troubled times with Assam during the Assam-Mizoram border conflict, for which the Mizos are forever grateful. 

All in all, the Nagas in many ways are a complete role model for the Mizos, beautiful, kind, courageous and independent. As the world opens up, more and more people are beginning to explore the sweet relationship between the Nagas of Nagaland and the Mizos of Mizoram and the love don't seem to be going anywhere but up. Though Mizos due to lack of exposure, often on many occasions don't appear to reciprocate the love that they are given, to any Mizo a Naga will forever remain the most trusted companion in times of need and plenty. 

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