Lunglei: Monday 11/10/21 - The body of a middle-aged man was found inside a public toilet of a local market-Sobji Bazar in Lunglei today. The body was discovered when a female fruit vendor from the market wanted to relive herself but found the toilet locked from the inside. After waiting for more than half an hour and repeatedly knocking on the door with no reply, the fruit seller grew suspicious and called the cops stationed around the market. When the police forced the door open they found the dead body inside the toilet.

The body was subsequently identified as Pu Zorema a 45-year-old merchant from Zobawk.
He had travelled to Lunglei collecting supplies for his shop.
The cause of death has not been reported but Pu Zorema was said to be a diabetic patient with high blood pressure, his death is believed to have been caused by a stroke. He is survived by his wife.
An arrangement has been made for the body to be sent to Zobawk.
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