Cart pulling Mithun leaves Netizens in Nagaland wondering

A photo of a Mithun/Gayal supposedly being tied to a cart during Vice president Venkaiah Naidu 1 day-long visit to Nagaland has left several Naga netizens confused and wondering. Vice President of India, M. Venkaiah Naidu made his maiden visit to ICAR National Research Centre on Mithun, Jarnapani, Medziphema, Dimapur on 7th October 2021 where he was shown several exhibitions among which included a Mithun supposedly being tied to a cart. When a popular Naga Facebook page by the name "Logical Naga" Featured the story in one of their posts, many naga onliners were quick to point out that the animal- Mithun was not a working animal as being supposedly represented, some readers even suggested that the Nagaland government was pulling some dramatic stunt in an attempt to impress the Vice President. Others also pointed out that Mithun was their state animal and that it was shameful that the animal was being 'misrepresented' that way. 

Context - The Mithun is a domestic bovine that was once widely reared across Northeast India. The animal has never been traditionally domesticated as a working animal, it was reared for its meat and was a status symbol among the indigenous communities of Northeast India who put great effort at caring for the animal. Though the rearing of Mithun in the Northeast has greatly declined with the introduction of the Cattle,  the animal continues to be highly regarded in the Northeast especially after its decline. 
The admiration for the animal among Northeastern folks is quite apparent, two Northeastern states - Nagaland and Arunachal have Mithun as their state animals.

Apart from the cart pulling Mithun/Gayal - the Vice President witnessed other live Mithun and fed fodder, visited the exhibition hall and addressed the gathering. Naidu expressed his joy visiting the North East region, being one of the richest bio-reserved states in the world. The Vice President encouraged the gathering to protect, preserve and continue to give top priority in research in the North East Region. He also expressed his happiness to hear and know about the Institute and wished all the scientists and people working in the ICAR to focus more and more and come out successful in this research institute - reported Nagaland DIPR. 

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