Let us face it, there are not many Mizo Youtube Channels that are oriented towards non-Mizo viewers, most Mizo YouTube channels being specifically targeted to a Mizo audience with little use of other languages besides Mizo. But there are many people who are interested in Mizo culture and would like to follow  Mizo influencers, the problem is that given the atmosphere of Mizo social media, it is very hard to find Mizo content creators offering content that can be enjoyed both by Mizos and Non- Mizos. So today we have tasked ourselves to find and let you know some of the best Mizo YouTube channels that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Cook with Jenny 

Jenny is a Mizo YouTuber based in Guwahati. Her channel is a cooking/vlogging channel that mainly focuses on Mizo cuisine and other Indian dishes as well as snippets of her life as a Mizo living in Guwahati with her family. Her contents are mostly both in English and Mizo. If you are looking for a Mizo cooking channel you can follow without having to get a Mizo friend to translate it for you, Cook with Jenny is the right channel for you. 

Nunpuii Hmar 

Nunpuii Hmar is a YouTube lifestyle Vlogger from Mizoram. Her Channel by the same name follows her life as a teacher in Mizoram and the general aesthetic of life in Aizawl. The videos in her channel are subtitled in English, so anyone who speaks Mizo or English can enjoy her video and she in fact has lots of followers from outside of Mizoram. Her videos are incredibly edited and aesthetically pleasing, you should definitely check out her channel. 

 Annabelle Lalrintluangi 

Annabelle Lalrintluangi is another lifestyle blogger from Mizoram. Her channels focus on life in Mizoram and her mini-adventures around some of the most undisclosed places in Mizoram. The videos in her channel are English subtitled. You should definitely check out her channel before visiting Mizoram. 

Zuali K 

Zuali K  is a travel vlogger from Mizoram, her videos document her travel around Mizoram and Northeast India. She is one of those few Mizo YouTubers who vlogs in English. Many of her videos especially about Aizawl and Mizoram are some of the most detailed travel guide videos on Mizoram done by locals so you should definitely check out her channel! 

 Music Domain Mizoram 

Music Domain Mizoram  as the name suggests is a YouTube Music channel based in Mizoram that uploads the latest and trendiest Mizo Music videos by some of the biggest names in Mizo music scene. If you are looking for Mizo music channels, they are the channel to follow. They upload both gospel and Zo pop. 


ScreenFarm is a small Mizo music channel which unlike their bigger counterparts like Music Domain Mizoram publishes Mizo Indie Music from some of the lesser-known but supeer talented music artists and bands from Mizoram. Their music and videos are of high quality and we guarantee that anyone who loves indie music would jam to their tunes. They publish both English and Mizo music from Indie artists across the state. 

Mathrais Production 

Mathrais Prodcutions is an upcoming Mizo YouTube channel that produces light-hearted short movies. Their videos are in Mizo vernacular with English close-captioning. YOu are very much likely to enjoy their videos, do check them out! 

GreenRocket TV 

GreenRocketTV is a popular Mizo YouTube channel that has enjoyed widespread popularity in the Northeast. The channel uploads funny skits and prank videos that are easy to understand even for people who do not speak the Mizo language. The channel is operated by young talented set of people who does commentary skits on trending topics, quirky human behaviour and all other sorts of fun things. Some of their videos have racked up millions of views, you need to check these people out! 

Adeline Pachuau

Adaline Pachuau might need no introduction for many people but just in case you haven't come across her contents, Adaline is a hugely popular social media influencer from Mizoram. She was one of the most popular influencer from Northeast India on TikTok India, the social media star has transitioned to Youtube and is continuing to produce fun engaging videos on her YouTube channel. Her contents ranges from funny skits, make-up tutorials, Mukbang to influencer tutorials videos. She does videos both in Mizo and English. We are pretty sure you will like her videos and find her extremely likable. 

Special Mention 

Ruata Lungchuang

Ruata Lungchuang is a YoutTube channel of Ruata Lungchuang the owner of themizos.com. He makes educational videos on Mizoram and Northeast India and the channel is the only Mizo Educational channel in English. If you are looking for an educational video about the Northeast, you should definitely check out his channel. 

And with that we've come to the end of this post, we are sure there are many more Mizo YouTube channels worth featuring, let us know in the comment section. 
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