Mizoram youth who Supposedly Made nostril holes on BTS banner tenders apology to fans

A nostril was made
Mizoram's Lunglei town recently received lots of attention in Mizoram due to a BTS banner row. The issue was created when a youth from Lunglei defaced a BTS banner put up by fans. Apparently, he fashioned a pair of nostril holes on one of the BTS member's faces. The incident greatly angered BTS fan communities in Mizoram, so much that some took legal action against the youth.

The youth who had supposedly performed the hooliganism was supposedly reprimanded by law enforcement according to his own post, and he has tendered his unconditional apology to BTS fans and the people of Mizoram through social media, the post said he made the apology post as "directed by the law".

" As I am being directed by the law, I am making this apology post to various Mizo Facebook groups, on 14.6.2021, I defaced a banner put up by BTS Army in Lunglei by making nostril holes on the picture,  I  offer my sincerest apology and beg forgiveness to all of you,  I promise to you that I will not indulge myself in such kind of activity ever again."

The incident has created huge debate in Mizoram with many people coming out in support of the youth while hailing him as a "Hero",  most, however, find the story humorous and found the action of both parties excessive. BTS fans however claim that the man who made the apology posts on various social media platforms was a poser who was "Seeking attention". According to fans, the hooliganism was done by a minor and their names have not been disclosed neither have they asked him to make an apology. 

Mizoram's BTS Army are a huge fanbase organisation in Mizoram. The group is active on social media and have also done several charitable acts on behalf of BTS fans in the state. The group however at times are at odds with the general population who sometimes find the Korean wave sweeping Mizoram unlikeable. 

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