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Mumbai, Oct 18: In a show of guardianship to non-locals facing troubles in Mumbai, cops in Mumbai helped a Mizo woman who was in a panic on unfamiliar territory. A 20-year-old Mizoram woman who was crying outside the Dadar train station on Friday evening after losing her mobile phone in a train while she was on her way to Mumbai was helped by the newly formed Nirbhaya squad, a wing of Mumbai Police established to create a safer environment for women and children in the city.

Sources in the Shivaji Park police said they learnt about a young woman crying outside the railway station. After inquiry at the police station, police contacted the manager of the hotel where she was employed and spoke to the authorities. She was later taken to the police station by a police crew who made all arrangements for her trip back to Panchgani, a hill station southwest of Mumbai where she was going for work. The 20-year-old woman, a resident of Aizawl, could only speak Mizo and English The cops also got her parent's phone number and assured her of her daughter's safety. “We arranged a bus ticket to Panchgani and she reached there safely,” said a senior police officer. Many Mizos over the year have moved over to metros like Mumbai for better opportunities and employment. They are mostly engaged in the hospitality and healthcare sectors. It can be very challenging for a typical Mizo to adapt to life in Mumbai due to its drastic difference from Mizoram. The language barrier has remained the most challenging aspect for Mizos going into the mainland as most Mizos cannot speak Hindi, a language which they are not normally required to use at work but useful to get around in the cities. Several cities in the metros have now created special helplines and police wings to help women and Northeasterners who are in need of special assistance.
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