5 myths about Northeast India that are not true


Today we are going to talk about 5 myths associated with Northeast India that are simply not true. 

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ok so without further ado, let’s Go!!

1. Northeastern People hate Indian Culture and are highly westernized

Ok, what is Indian culture, to begin with? Isn’t India a multicultural and pluralistic country?
We have different cultures in India. Just because a particular tradition and culture starkly
differ from the one we are familiar with, it doesn’t necessarily mean it's alien to India.
Nor does it mean that the people practising those cultures are being anti-national( a very overused modern term by the way) And when it comes to westernization, It’s not fair to
single out northeastern people. Globalization has a reach and impact each and every corner of India.

2. Northeastern girls are shameless and are cheap

As I have said before India has a diverse culture, and what’s considered shameful in some parts of the country might not have the same effect in another part of the country. That being said Northeastern girls are in no way cheap or shameless, they just have a different sense of fashion and style of interaction. Each and every community have cheap people, it’s not just restricted to the northeasterners. Just ask Sonam and her boyfriends

3. They only like to party and never studies

This couldn’t be more wrong, especially for me. I guess they are referring to Northeastern students. See most people have this sense of freedom once they are away from home, they want to enjoy every single moment of freedom that they currently have which will soon be taken away from them. And we all have that friend who goes way overboard, and this energetic person often stands out among the crowd.

They can be a Keralite, a Northeasterner or even a Punjabi, but they certainly do not represent their community. There are thousands of the unseen northeastern Nerds and Geeks. I myself included.

4. They eat everything that moves

Well, I must admit We northeasterners do eat a lot of crazy stuff. Do you know? We even eat bamboo shoots, the least nutritious grass ever!!

Bamboo shoot
Bamboo shoots aka infant bamboos

but Northeasterners certainly do not eat everything that moves. Are you kidding me? Yes, there are some people who eat dogs, but they are not the majority. Dogs are eaten by some people for traditional reasons, and there are some people who like to sip in some alcohol with dog meat. Well, I haven’t tried it out yet but, it does sound fun. There are lots of Vegetarian Northeasterners, heck we even got enough vegans who could utterly ruin your Chicken Biryani lunch break.


 5. All Northeastern People lives in Jungles


This is my favourite. Some people think it’s offensive but I often take it as a compliment, even though it is utter nonsense.

Living in nature does sound fun

Northeastern people since time immemorial lives in well-defined villages and towns with well-defined borders.

chapchar hun
I must admit, they are not that impressive

No, we don’t live in treehouses, Northeastern people are afraid of heights just as much as other Indians.

You see the jungle living savage myth is a colonial construct and therefore is discriminatory in nature. Northeastern cities like Guwahati, Shillong, Aizawl, Kohima, Imphal are thriving.

Aizawl city, Mizoram
1288174599414-guwahati view
Guwahati, Assam

But to be honest, most Northeasterners do live closer to Nature. which I think is a good thing, considering the importance and significance of forest and nature and seeing how modern politicians are turning blind eyes on climate change.

” Grab em by the shoots”

So there you have your 5 myths about northeast India that are not true. I know I have left out many things and if you would like to contribute more, please write it down in the comment section below, I love hearing from you guys. Once again thank you for your time

By Ruata Lungchuang
The Mizos

The Mizos is a one-man team news blog, that brings you news and stories from Mizoram, Northeast India and the rest of the World.

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