Teen girl drowns while rescuing sibling in Mizoram

12th October, 2021 Khawhnai:   In a tragic incident, a teenager from W.Phaileng drowns while trying to rescue her younger sibling. The accident happened at Sunhlu river Damparengpui yesterday at around 4:30 pm, 11.10.2021 

As per report, Melody a high school student aged 17 lives with her widowed mother and a younger sibling in a rented house in Khawhnai. She was attending a memorial program of a departed relative in Damparengpui, along  with her mother and a younger sibling. They were to return home yesterday  and were bathing on Sunhlu river in preperation for the journey. While the trio were bathing near the river, Melody's younger sibling reportedly fell into the water, upon which  the mother and daughter jumped into the water and were able to somehow rescue the child. Melody and her mother however were unable to reach for the banks and were drowning. The child calls Melody's grandfather who was cleaning his vehicle for help, the man rushed to the spot and with great difficulty he  manages to save the mother, unfortunately they were not able to save Melody. 

Her body was recovered and was taken to W.Phaileng where a vigil was held, later her body was taken again to Khawhnai where her funeral will be held at 10 am today. 

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