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We all love to listen to music while we are driving or are riding a car or any other transport for that matter. In fact, a survey has found that 90% of drivers have admitted that listening to music when they drive gives them happiness and a change of mood. 84% to 90% admit that they always listened to their favourite song every time they drive. The survey was conducted on 2000 participants, so you are not alone, almost everyone loves listening to music while driving! 

Did you know? Listening to music actually produces dopamine, a hormone that produces the sensation of happiness. So your body and mind are in fact feeling good when you are listening to your favourite music. So today here at The Mizos we've decided to compile some of the best Mizo songs from pop, Leikapui to Gospel to help you get those dopamine working when you are driving. Word of caution though, your favourite songs or artist may not be included in this list but we are sure you will find these songs enjoyable. Full youtube playlist included at the end. 
So get your sound system ready, let's go!

1. Kimkima - Leikapui Run Ka Bel 

2. Blue Corn - Hrilh Ka Hai NGei E

3. Lil ZO - Ka Sawm Che  

4. JH Peka - KA Hmangaih Che 

5.Van Hlei Sung - A Va Mak Em

6. Benjamin Colney - Pen Chhuak Ang

7. Jenny Jathang - Vawikhat Tal 

8. Francis - Lung Min Lentu 

9. Famkima - Di Lenna 

10. Rebecca Saimawii - Ka Lung Damna 

11. Dior feat Muzu & Morningstar - Highschool 

12. Van Hlei Sung - I Tang Ka Belh Lai Khan

13. Francis - Thinlung Khawngaihthlak

14. Kim Paite - Chalakhun 

15. Shai Hills - Nghilh A Har 

16. Benjamin Sum - Chhingmitin Biahthu Kan Hlan 

17. Priscilla Fanai - Ka Duh leh Duh Loh 

18. DJ Lalvenhimi - Medley 

19.Matilda & The Quest - Khat Li Thum 

20. Cassettes-Engtin NGe Ni Dawn


Dingtea Guite - Lo bei la 

JH Peka feat Alex - Lam Dun I La

Jonathan Lianhna - Hmangaihtu 

20. Michelle Varte - Nachhawkna 

Lateii Hringngen - A tha vek e 

SaiWanah Ft. Omomi - Tui Leh Mei

Shin Bia - Khuavang Note

Dingtea - Rose 

Matilda & The Quest - I Zunzam

Zaii Hauchhum & Vanlalhmangaiha - Hmangaihte Hmangaihna

Vanlalhmangaiha - Ka Liam Ange

Dingtea - Khuarel Huhang


Benjamin Colney & Jerry Elaro | Mak tak leh Hlauhawm taka Duan

K Hminga - Tawnmang lova LasiK Hminga - Tawnmang lova Lasi

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  1. I have never been to Mizoram, never had any Mizo friends and had never tasted their cuisines but to me Mizoram has the most amazing & beautiful people and is also one of the blessed people in the whole of NEern states. I don't think there is not a single Mizos who cannot sing. I truly adore and admire the Mizos and the way they present their musics and songs to the world. I pray that we the Nagas and Mizos always remain the best of friends. Let us preserve our close affinities for the common welfare of our people.

    With love
    Razoukhoyi Rhakho

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