The  OST for the upcoming Mizo Family-Comedy - Dengi I Love you was recently released by its producer Conflate Video on their Youtube Channel. Watch the music video Here .

The Music video featured Leikapui Artist 
F. ZOMUANPUIA and an upcoming Mizo artist  KIMKIMI FANAI. The song revolves around the love story between Dengi and Thuama and their love for their only daughter. In the fun-filled music video, the two artists had their heads sized up with CG giving the video a comedic touch which in turn complements the innocent and funny nature of the movie. 

Dengi I Love You is a family-oriented romantic comedy that revolves around the life of Dengi played by Melissa Lamuansangi and her alcoholic boyfriend/husband Thuama played by Isak Chhakchhuak. The film addresses many aspects of Mizo family life including the pandemic of alcoholism that is breaking many families apart. The movie has been described by its producer as 

 "  A deep dive into the nuances of relationships and family life. A blend of comedy and heart-wrenching drama brought to life through tender and sweeping portrayals of a light-hearted summer of love that turned upside down after marriage. It is both worthy of your sympathy, and your ridicule, if you wish to. "

The two hours plus movie was directed by B.lalbiakvela and is available for streaming on the Mizo streaming platform  Lersia Play. 

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