5 Creepy Haunted Places In Northeast India You Need To Explore

Northeast India is often called the unexplored paradise of India. Due to its proximity to nature as well as its turbulent past Northeast India harbours tons of paranormal hotspots and is an attractive destination for people who are attracted to the supernatural. Soon, many of these places will eventually be crowded with tourists and paranormal enthusiasts. So Before it becomes a thing, take a virtual tour around  5 of the Most haunted places in Northeast India. We've also done a piece on various mythical beings of Northeast India, you may check it out by clicking here.

Jatinga, Dima Hasao, Assam – suicide village for birds

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Jatinga is a small Khasi-Pnar-Jaintia town of around 2500 residents in the isolated Dima Hasao District of Assam. It is a quiet, peaceful town surrounded by greeneries on all sides. But every year by the end of monsoon, a strange Bird suicide phenomenon plague this otherwise peaceful town leaving both locals and ornithologist baffled for quite a while. On a moonless night of September or October, many species of birds in Jatinga suddenly become disturbed. They take flight in the darkness by the hundreds and plunge towards any light source they could find and in the process collide against trees and die.


Although several theories have been proposed, no one is exactly sure as to why this suicide frenzy happens among birds from this area, there have been no conclusive scientific explanations for this phenomenon. Some experts suggest high-velocity winds from the mountain as the cause for this event, but according to many people, the phenomenon has little to do with winds or science. Some claims that the birds are being driven to death by the restless spirits of three women who were put to death for practising black magic way back in the early 20th century. According to legends, the Nagas who were the first to settle in Jatinga,  after witnessing it, took the phenomenon as a bad omen and left the place forever.

Thangjing Hill Manipur

Thangjing is a majestic ultra prominent peak near the famous town of Moirang in central Manipur. It is one of the most important hills to Manipuris of the Sanamahi faith, believed to be the abode of the god Thangjing. The mountain is about 2000 meters above sea level and offers some of the most spectacular views of Imphal valley and Loktak lake.


Thangjing is the venue for the annual pilgrimage called ‘Thangjing Ching Kaba’  where thousands trek to the peak of the mountain seeking blessings from the god. due to this importance and its holy status the mountain has been largely left untouched by people, supposedly allowing spirits and the supernatural to roam freely. There have been numerous reports of paranormal experiences from pilgrims who have trekked this mountain. Some have reported the apparition of ghostly figures on photos taken on this mountain, while others have mentioned falling into trance. If you want to check this place out and even experience the thrill for yourself, the best way to do is attend the  ‘Thangjing Ching Kaba’ gathering. The pilgrimage is performed every year in March.


Arunachal Pradesh C.M  Bungalow

Arunachal’s CM Bungalow in In the state’s capital Itanagar is infamous for the scores of unfortunate incidents that have happened to its occupant over the course of years and is rumoured to be haunted. Chief Minister Dorjee khandu was the first to occupy the building and he died in a helicopter crash.  His successor Jarbom Gamlin who remained in office only for six months died at the young age of 53 shortly after his resignation. The next occupant Nabam Tuki was also troubled with political turmoil and was removed from office by the state assembly prompting President’s rule over the state. Kaliko Pul was the first Chief Minister to reoccupy the bungalow after president’s rule on February 2016. With much political turmoil in the Arunachal State assembly, he too was eventually ousted from office in July 2016. On August 9, 2016, Pul body was found hanging in one of the rooms with a suicide note. To make things even spookier a staff of the Bungalow was also found hanging from the ceiling of an adjoining room just two months later.


Employees of the Bungalow have reported several ‘paranormal activities in the form of noises and alarms going off for no reason in the middle of the night. In fact, Things have gone so bad that the government of Arunachal Pradesh decided to convert the Bungalow into a State Guest House in 2017. Meanwhile, the present Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh lives in his own private residence and we can’t really blame him for that.


Sepoy Harbhajan Singh’s Shrine, Nathula, Sikkim


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Sepoy Harbhajan Singh at the age of 22 was the victim of a battle at Nathula pass in Sikkim during the late 1960’s Sino-Indian war. Singh drowned in a glacier while leading a column of mules carrying supplies to a remote outpost. His remains were found after a three-day search. His body was subsequently cremated with full military honours. According to army legend, the ghost of Singh has never left his post and continues to guard the borders to this day. The legend further claims that the late Singh helped the search party find his body. Still later, through a dream, he instructed one of his colleagues to build and maintain a shrine in his memory.

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Some Indian soldiers believe that in the event of a war between India and China, he would warn the Indian soldiers of an impending attack at least three days in advance. It is said that any army official not maintaining a clean and disciplined attire is punished with a slap by the ghost of Harbhajan Singh. According to locals, Harbhajan Singh’s uniform which hangs in display needs no cleaning from anyone as it gets cleaned supernaturally.



Kawnpui road Mizoram – The most haunted road in Mizoram


Kawnpui road known locally as Kawnpui Dai is a British era road on the outskirt of Kawnpui town just a drive away from the Capital city Aizawl. This narrow mountainous road connects the town of Kawnpui to Aizawl city and is nicknamed the most haunted stretch of highway in Mizoram. The road is infamous for the scores of tragic vehicular accidents that have occurred on it. The most catastrophic accident was the bus accident of  July 1981 which left 34 people dead, this was followed by a number of tragic accidents involving all sorts of vehicles. The place is ripe with paranormal stories and commuters tries to avoid taking the route alone especially at night. A large memorial stone inscribing the names of the 1981 bus accident victim can be seen on the site of the accident. Other smaller memorial stones remembering all the people who have tragically died there can also be seen dotting the highway.


Travellers often report seeing people waving at them from a distance as if trying to hitch rides but disappears when approached. Many bus drivers experience hearing all sorts of noises in the empty passenger cabin while driving through the highway. Some people have even supposedly given rides to these restless ghosts only to realize that they were carrying ghost passengers after getting friendly which must be terrifying. The thick mountainous forest surrounding the road coupled with all the tombstones does give out an eerie vibe with no additional special effects needed.

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