Mizoram: Brave 4-year old Sacrifices Life to Save Friend in Tragic Swimming Pool Incident

Brave 4-Year-Old Sacrifices Life to Save Friend in Heart-Wrenching Swimming Pool Tragedy in Mizoram

In a heart-wrenching incident that unfolded on a sunny Saturday afternoon( Oct 14, 2023) in Sairang, Aizawl district, two young boys, Leo Lalchhuanmawia, aged 4, and Jerome Vanlalhlua, also 4 years old, met with a tragic accident at a neighbourhood swimming pool in Sairang Venglai. While Jerome miraculously survived, Leo, the hero of this story, lost his life in a selfless act of courage.

Leo and Jerome, not only friends but also neighbours, were enjoying their day playing together. They embarked on an unsupervised adventure that led them to a picnic cottage in their close-knit community. Tragedy struck when they found themselves in the swimming pool, unaccompanied. Both children were discovered floating in the pool, sending shockwaves of panic throughout the vicinity.

Swift action was taken as rescuer immediately administered Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to the boys. Thanks to their quick thinking, Jerome's life was saved, and he was rushed to the Sairang Public Hospital for further care. However, Leo's fate was tragically different, as he could not be revived despite numerous attempts.

According to Jerome, the physically smaller of the two, he accidentally slipped into the adult pool while walking along its edge. Leo, in a remarkable display of courage, leapt into the water to save his friend, ultimately leading to both boys drowning. Their bravery in the face of danger has left the entire community in mourning.

Leo's funeral took place on Sunday, with his final resting place at Cemetery No. 1 in Sairang. The news of this devastating incident has spread far and wide, evoking an outpouring of condolences from all corners of society. Even the Chief Minister of Mizoram, Zoramthanga, paid his respects and honored Leo's unwavering courage in a touching tribute on his Instagram handle.

This tragic event serves as a poignant reminder of the selflessness and bravery displayed by a young hero, who, at the tender age of 4, made the ultimate sacrifice to save his friend. Leo Lalchhuanmawia's memory will forever be etched in the hearts of those who witnessed his extraordinary act of courage.

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