Chakhei Resident Sacrifices His Life to Save Two Strangers in Aizawl's Electrocution Tragedy

A courageous Chakhei resident heroically attempting to save two strangers from electrocution in Aizawl, resulting in a tragic loss Mizoram.

Aizawl October 29, 2023 : — In a harrowing incident that unfolded in Aizawl's Tuikual South on a fateful Saturday morning, a remarkable act of bravery shone through amidst tragedy. A selfless individual, identified as FC Vabeitlochai, aged 33, son of FC Tlakho hailing from Chakhei in the Siaha District, sacrificed his own life in a daring attempt to save two individuals caught in a perilous electrocution accident.

Eyewitnesses recounted a distressing chain of events when two people on a scooter met with an accident, tumbling into a ditch and inadvertently making contact with a tin roof extension that was dangerously linked to a live wire. Vabeitlochai, who happened to be visiting a friend in the neighbourhood, wasted no time and courageously stepped in to rescue the imperilled duo.

All three individuals found themselves electrocuted in the incident. The neighbourhood residents valiantly rushed to their aid, albeit with limited success, until the power supply was disconnected by the Power & Electricity Department.

The victims were then promptly transported to the hospital, where Vabeitlochai succumbed to his injuries. On the other hand, the two fortunate individuals who survived the electrocution are reported to be in stable condition and are receiving medical care.

The body of the heroic FC Vabeitlochai was subsequently taken to Mara House in Aizawl following a postmortem examination today. A vigil was held in his memory in Zotlang before his body was conveyed to his hometown, Chakhei, located in the Siaha District.

Local MLA Lalruatkima,  visited the site of the incident to assess the situation. In a gesture of condolence and respect, he offered Rs 10,000 to the grieving family, recognizing the immense sacrifice made by Vabeitlochai for distressed strangers. Furthermore, the Power & Electricity Department swiftly undertook an inspection and promptly rectified the issue, securing the area from any further risk of electrical hazards.

This tragic incident, while marked by sorrow, also stands as a poignant testament to the selflessness and courage exhibited by individuals like FC Vabeitlochai, who, in the face of peril, make the ultimate sacrifice to save the lives of others.

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