Modi Cancels Mizoram Visit, Congress Accuses PM of Neglecting Troubled Manipur

Modi Cancels Mizoram Visit, Congress Accuses PM of Neglecting Troubled Manipur

Aizawl October 29, 2023 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi's scheduled visit to poll-bound Mizoram next week has been cancelled, sparking allegations from the Congress party. They claim that this cancellation is due to his failure to visit neighbouring Manipur, which has been marred by violence for nearly six months. Modi, was set to address a crucial campaign rally in Mamit, located approximately 80 km from Aizawl, on October 30.

Mizoram's Bharatiya Janata Party president, Vanlalhmuaka, has confirmed the cancellation but cited "other engagements" as the reason behind it. Mamit holds significant importance for the BJP in the upcoming elections, scheduled for November 7. With a historically limited presence in Mizoram and just one previous victory in state elections, the BJP is striving to gain acceptance, particularly among the predominantly Christian Mizo population. To make inroads, the party is active in areas with substantial populations of minority Bru and Chakma communities, particularly in the three constituencies within the Mamit district.

The Indian National Congress Party, however, has questioned the Prime Minister's decision to cancel his visit. Jairam Ramesh, Congress's general secretary in charge of communications, who is currently visiting Mizoram, suggested that the cancellation could be related to the ongoing crisis in Manipur, stating, "The Prime Minister was to address an election rally in Mizoram on October 30. But now there are reports that he has cancelled his visit. Could it be because questions would be raised that he had not found time to visit the deeply troubled neighbouring state that has been on the deep edge for almost 180 days… with what face, would he go to the rally in Mizoram?" he said. 

Mizoram is gearing up for the upcoming elections on November 7, 2023. The BJP has adopted a strategic approach by not contesting in every constituency but focusing on those where their chances of winning are more favorable. The recent additions to the BJP's ranks, Mizo National Front leaders K Beichhua and Lalrinliana Sailo, have certainly boosted enthusiasm among BJP supporters in the state.

However, the BJP still faces challenges in gaining wider acceptance within the Mizo community, particularly in the aftermath of the violence in neighbouring BJP ruled Manipur. The burning and destruction of Mizo churches in Manipur, as well as the displacement of Mizo residents from Imphal, have strained relations and raised concerns. These events have made it more challenging for the BJP to secure a foothold in the region and win over the predominantly Christian Mizo populace.

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