In a recent paper published by the journal a new species of Amphibian has been reportedly discovered in Mizoram. The Amphibian in question is a species of Ichthyophis Fitzinger. The discovery was made after several specimens collected in Mizoram that were in preservation at  Hawknghawl Developmental Biology & Herpetology Lab., Dept.of Zoology, Mizoram University were compared with specimens from other locations that were once thought to belong to the same species. The Species was given the name Ichthyophis benjii. The species epithet “benjii” is dedicated in memory of Benjamin Lalremsanga (1988–2020, nephew of Hmar Tlawmte Lalremsanga) who used to actively assist the author(s) in their herpetofaunal surveys mentioned the paper. 

Ichthyophis are a type of limbless amphibians found in southeast Asia the southern Philippines, and the western Indo-Australian Archipelago.49 different species have been discovered so far including 15 from India, out of which 7 are from Northeast India. The recent discovery in Mizoram added a new member to the large amphibian group. 
The authors of the paper includes 
Hmar Tlawmte Lalremsanga,  Jayaditya Purkayastha, Lal Biakzuala,  Mathipi Vabeiryureilai, Lal Muansanga, and  Gospel Zothanmawia Hmar.

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