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Chow Satuileih is a popular Mizo noodle snack loved by all. It is non-veg and is basically a combination of thick meat broth and locally made noodles sprinkled with bits of beef/pork/chicken. The name 'Chow Satuileih' literally means "Noodles with meat broth  poured over it" . It is a popular snack in Mizoram and can be found in almost every  'Thingpuidawrs' - local cafes around Aizawl. 
So today here at The Mizos we will be teaching you how to make your very own Chow Satuileih. It's super easy! 

you'll need:- 
1.Mizo noodles(you may also use any thin, long noodles, hakka noodles do well)
2.Tumeric powder   
3.Green chilly(optional)
3.Dried chilly flakes (optional)
4.Some onions and garlics
5.Oil(mustard oil if possible)
6.Bahkhawr( Mexican Coriander )
7.Water(half litre)
8.And of course, meat ( you can use either beef, pork or chicken) mutton and fish will not do. 
Step 1
First of all, boil some water, and drop the noodle in when the water boils. Dont cook it. 

Step 2
leave it for around 5 minutes then take it out and soak it..just leave it to dry.

Step 3 
Now cut the meat into tiny bits, put some oil in a pan, add tumeric powder and garlic when the oil is ready, now fry the meat in the pan, pour half a liter of water in it,  add salt to taste and also add green chillies.

Step 4 
Drop the noodles into the pan.  Boil the whole thing for a while till your noodle and soup is ready. 

Step 5 
Now slice some onions and ginger, grind them in a small bowl, add salt and Dried chily flakes, this will serve as the chutney. 

Wallah there you have it! Your very own tasty & healthy chow satuileih. Serve the chow and chutney in a seperate bowl and
say ava tui ve!!(This is really good!) . :)

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