The MNF Is Fake NDA : Mizoram BJP Party President

BJP MIzoram Calls out MNF

BJP Mizoram Pradesh on 30th May 2022 (Monday) held a weekly briefing ceremony in  Aizawl. The ceremony was chaired by Pu R. Vanramchhuanga, State General Secretary, and Pu Vanlalhmuaka, State President made a speech at the function.

State Party President Pu Vanlalhmuaka in his speech said that the MNF Party said they are part of the NDA and pretends to be very much in tune with BJP in the central, but in Mizoram, they have joined the Congress "This shows that they ( MNF) are fake NDA ( National Democratic Alliance, BJP led political coalition).
The party president went on to say that it is unfortunate that the state is being led by a party that is too afraid to admit its true identity and accused the MNF of blocking development in the state as a result of this. 

The comment comes at a time when the MNF formed a coalition government in the recently concluded Mara Autonomous District council. Although its partner BJP got the most votes, the MNF joined hands with the INC to form a government in the hung assembly at MADC. It is important to note that the BJP has also ditched its partner( MNF)and has joined the Congress in forming a government at the Chakma District Council Election in 2018. The recent developments have presented a huge strain on the already fragile relationship between the two countries. 

In his speech, Pu Vanlalhmuaka also addresses recent grievances raised by gape farmers in the state as a result of the MNF government's prohibition on the sale of grape wine. Farmers in the state have been requesting assistance from the Mizoram government to sell their products, but it has fallen on deaf ears, according to him. Farmers in Mizoram have a bleak future, he claims.

"Unfortunately, grape juice and wine made from grapes grown locally by our farmers are being confiscated by the government, despite the fact that they are the only source of income for grape growers and their hard-won products. Even if they decide to prohibit the production and sale of grape wine, the Mizoram government should consider a solution to the grape growers' problems as soon as possible." He added. 

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