Mizoram Government To Launch Investigation Into Sialsuk PHC Incident

Mizoram Hospital

Public Health Centre, Sialsuk 

On June 1, the Mizoram Health and Family Welfare department formed an inquiry commission to look into the death of a 37-year-old man in Sialsuk village in the Aizawl district due to alleged medical negligence.

According to several social media posts, Dr Linda Lalbiaknungi allegedly discharged Lalrengpuia, a patient at Sialsuk PHC, after accusing him of stealing money from the health centre canteen. According to reports, Lalrengpuia was undergoing oxygen therapy and was unable to walk properly. 

After being discharged, the patient died the next day. Mizo social media erupted with outrage as word of the incident spread, with netizens accusing the doctor of 'medical negligence' and holding her responsible for Lalrengpuia's death. The incident has been referred to Aibawk BDO by the government.

Dr Linda Lalbiaknungi stormed into their ward on the same evening his brother was admitted to the PHC, accusing his brother, who was undergoing oxygen therapy, of stealing Rs 1000 that has been reported missing from the PHC canteen and making distasteful remarks, according to Pu Chhuana, the brother of Lalrengpuia, who spoke on the popular Mizo Youtube channel - Tuesday Nightmare. According to the elder brother, when Lalrengpuia denied the allegation, the doctor discharged him without papers at around 7 PM and told him and his family never to return to the PHC for treatment.

" He was carried home by family members and fellow patients who felt sorry for him, he was having difficulty walking," He said. 

Pu Chhuana stated in another interview on the Zamzo Youtube Channel that his brother refused to be readmitted to the PHC, despite the fact that his condition deteriorated the next day as a result of the humiliation.
"The doctor reportedly commented as he was about to leave the facility that he must be so eager to spend the money he had stolen from the canteen," he said.

Lalrengpuia's family believes he would still be alive if he had not been discharged from the hospital while undergoing treatment.

The investigation report is due on or before June 10th, according to a one-man commission led by Aibawk block development officer (BDO) Chinlianmanga.

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