Tragedy in Hrianghmun, Mizoram : Four Houses Burn to the Ground


Fire  burns 4 houses in Hrianghmun Mizoram

Hrianghmun Jan 25, 2023: In a devastating incident on Wednesday afternoon, four houses in Hrianghmun village were entirely destroyed by a raging fire. According to Hrainghmun VCP Pu Khenzakhupa, the fire began at a poultry coup and quickly engulfed four houses, leaving them in ruins and families homeless. Despite the devastating loss, no significant injuries or deaths were reported. Police verification is currently being carried out to determine the cause of the fire. The fire also destroyed a brand-new tractor and stored crops, shops, and precious family items. The community is in shock as they try to come to terms with this tragic event. Area MLA Pu L.Thagmawia visited Hrianghmun on the same evening and will meet with community leaders and government officials to discuss the next steps. Follow The Mizos on Facebook to get Updated on News and stories from Mizoram and the Northeast - ALSO READ : On Mizoram's Last Civil War ( Chhim leh Hmar Indo) Understanding "Semi - Slavery" In Mizoram And How It Was Abolished
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