"Goddess Statue" Unearthed In Mizoram

MIzoram Kali Statue

Aizawl /20/07/2022

An effigy of what appears to be a female statue has been recovered during an excavation in the town of Darlawn in Mizoram. 

The statue reportedly measures 3.6 feet long and 1.9 feet wide, and weighs about two quintals. The exact purpose of the statue or what it represents has not been ascertained yet, however, Hindu groups in Mizoram have claimed that the statue is that of the Hindu Goddess Kali. 

Details regarding the origin of the statue or its age have not been established yet, however many speculate that it is probably a statue of a Hindu goddess left by labourers  from Mainland India who previously worked on the site. 

It is important to note that Mizoram is dotted with shrines and small mandirs, these are mainly abandoned places of worship of Hindu labourers who worked in the construction Of roads both under the then British raj and the Indian government.

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