Lone BJP MLA From Mizoram, Dr Buddha Dhan Chakma Convicted In Graft Case With 12 others


Aizawl, July 22. 2022
Mizoram's lone  BJP MLA, DR Buddha Dhan Chakma, the CEM of the Chakma Autonomous District Council, Buddha Lila Chakma and 11 others were convicted by a court in a graft case. 

Today, Special Court Judge Vanlalenmawia announced the court's decision. 13 people, including Tuichawng MLA, Dr Buddha Dhan Chakma, were convicted in a corruption case involving the leeching of RS. 1.37 crore in Central development funds. The convicts were charged with dividing the funds among themselves as salary between 2013 and 2014 in Chakma Autonomous District Council. 

The convicts denied funnelling development funds but admitted that they had previously taken government funds for salary in advance, primarily for community needs, medical treatment, and other necessities, and had repaid the amount in full. 

The Special Court, on the other hand, ruled that it was a misuse of funds, citing that the Autonomous District Councils (ADC) Act requires the Governor's permission to withdraw development funds and because the convicts did not seek permission from the Governor, even if the amount was repaid while the case was ongoing, the action cannot be accepted under existing law, and they were found guilty.

BD Chakma told the media that the Development Fund used for advance salary was repaid before a FIR was filed against them. He called the court's decision a "double punishment," and said he would appeal to a higher court.

Others convicted by special judge Vanlalenmawia included two executive members and two sitting members of the district council, as well as three former CEMs and two former EMs. The sentence-pronouncing has been scheduled for Monday.

The other 11 convicts are - 
Amar Smriti Chakma
Adikanta Tongchangya 
Parimal Chakma 
Susen Chakma 
Taranisen Chakma
Sushil Kumar Chakma 
Chitra Kumar Chakma 
Ajoy Kumar Chakma
Buban Kumar Chakma 
Mohan Chakma 
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