Three Indians From Mizoram Killed Near The Myanmar Border, Borders Sealed Off In Southern Mizoram

3 inians killed in Myanmar

Siaha  March 29, 2023: The charred bodies of three Indian nationals from Mizoram state have been found near the border with Myanmar, sparking outrage and protests among local groups.

The victims, identified as B Lalthafamkima, Bablu Talukdar and C Biaksuii, were reportedly tortured and killed by suspected Chin militants inside Myanmar on 19 March. Their vehicle was also stolen.

The incident has sent shockwaves across Mizoram, which shares a 510-km (317-mile) border with Myanmar and has been hosting thousands of refugees fleeing the military coup and crackdown in the neighbouring country.

On Monday, Mizoram’s second largest ethnic organisation, the Central Young Lai Association (CYLA), issued a statement expressing its “extreme displeasure” and “feeling of betrayal” by what it called “brothers and sisters of Burma” who they had helped and sheltered despite all difficulties.

The CYLA also announced that it was making arrangements to further restrict the movement of Burmese refugees in the state and asked for cooperation from Chin citizens in Myanmar to help them find the people responsible for the killing of three innocent Indians.

Meanwhile, in Siaha district, where two of the victims hailed from, The Mara Youth organisation, Mara Thyutlia Py (MTP) Sub.Hqrs. Chhaolo has announced that it has sealed the border with Myanmar in 5 villages namely,  No-Oahtla, Lobo, Iana, Siasi and Siata to restrict entry from Myanmar. The MTP Sub. Hqrs said apart from the killings, the smuggling of illegal items into the area has skyrocketed ever since the influx of Burmese refugees, and this measure would keep the situation in check. The Mizoram Commercial Vehicle Union, Siaha District and the Driver Association Tipa have also announced that they would not transport any goods to Myanmar until the culprits returned the stolen vehicle.

It is important to note that Mizoram is currently facing a refugee crisis with at least 40000 refugees ( According to GOVT )  coming in from Myanmar and Bangladesh since 2021. Although Mizoram has been welcoming and sheltering these refugees on humanitarian grounds, major incidents such as this have caused a further complication in the native-refugee relationship. ALSO READ : IS THE REFUGEE CRISIS IN MIZORAM FINALLY BREAKING THE STATE? ( Opinion ) WHY IS MIZORAM ACCEPTING BURMESE REFUGEES?
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