CYMA President Affirms that the Kuki-Zo communities will thrive as long as the Mizo people prosper


CYMA President delivering a heartfelt speech during the Kuki-Zo community's last rites ceremony in Southern Manipur, emphasizing unity and shared destiny between Mizo and Kuki-Zo communities.

Sehken/Kanggui December 20, 2023: In a solemn ceremony in Sehken, Southern Manipur, the remains of individuals from the Kuki-Zo community, casualties of ethnic conflict and associated incidents, are being laid to rest. The total number of bodies is 87, some of which have already been buried in the Kuki-Zo town of Kanggui in Manipur. This event holds profound significance for families who, seven months after the early hours of the conflict, are finally witnessing the return of their loved ones to tribal areas.

Dignitaries and representatives from Mizoram, including the President of the Central Young Mizo Association Pu Lalhmachuanna, were in attendance, delivering words of comfort to the grieving assembly. Pu Lalhmachhuana emphasized in his message that the only refuge for the community right now is God. He stressed that they must strive to be on His side in both practice and thinking and be ready to receive His help and blessing. He appealed to the unity of all the Mizo and sibling tribes. The CYMA President repudiated sovereign support for the Kuki-Zo community of Manipur, citing that their support cannot be ended mid-way. He encouraged everyone to muster the courage to face upcoming challenges till the end.

Pu Lalhmachhuana also mentioned that YMA will continue to look after movements between Mizoram and Manipur. He stated that Kuki-Zo communities will continue to eat as long as the Mizo people eat and that the day when they starve will only come when the Mizo people also starve. He highlighted that all the rehabilitation and relief efforts provided from Mizoram come out of the hard work of many kind souls, and through their sweat, many, often sacrificing their daily wage, have contributed. He announced that the total donation that CYMA has received has amounted to Rs. 140 Lakhs.

Central YMA offered Rs. 1000 each to families of the 87 Kuki-Zo victims as compensation and provided a relief fund of Rs. 5,00,000 to Zo United. The CYMA president also visited men at the frontline duty in the afternoon.

Since the eruption of ethnic violence on May 3, 2023, Manipur has been gripped by turmoil. Regrettably, no discernible efforts have been made to broker an understanding or initiate a truce among the affected communities. Compounding the situation's complexities, thousands of displaced individuals from the state have sought refuge in Mizoram and are being taken care of by organizations such as the YMA. As of now, Mizoram also remains the only source of a lifeline and exit out of the state for lakhs of Kuki-Zo communities in Southern Manipur.

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