CM Lalduhoma Holds Historic Meeting with PM Modi to Discuss Border Issues and Others

Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma and Prime Minister Narendra Modi met at New delhi
Dipr Mizoram

New Delhi, 4th January 2024: Mizoram Chief Minister Lalduhoma met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his residence today, marking his first visit since assuming office. The leaders discussed various issues concerning Mizoram, including the refugee situation and border narratives.

Prime Minister Modi congratulated Chief Minister Lalduhoma on his electoral success, assured him of continued meetings to discuss matters concerning Mizoram, and assured him of cooperation. Lalduhoma updated the Prime Minister on the current state of Mizoram and shared his vision for its future.

Regarding the India-Myanmar boundary, Chief Minister Lalduhoma emphasized that the existing demarcation is a British colonial legacy, formulated without consulting the native population who were deeply impacted by the land divide. He expressed the challenge it poses for the Mizo people in accepting this man-made boundary, advocating for the unity of all Mizo ethnic groups and highlighting the shared ethnicity among Zo people across the border and how the Mizo people consider many of those who are termed as "refugees." as their own brothers and sisters and would like to see them fed and protected.

Emphasizing the Akhand Bharat (greater India) concept, Chief Minister Lalduhoma underscored the importance of focusing on greater Mizoram within this framework and advocating for the administrative unity of the Mizo people and their kindred tribes. He also discussed the need to strengthen the Inner Line Permit System for better functionality. In response, Prime Minister Modi encouraged Lalduhoma to submit a proposal outlining improvements to the system.

This significant meeting reflects a collaborative approach between the Mizoram Chief Minister and the Prime Minister towards addressing regional issues and fostering development in Mizoram.
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