Mizoram's Siaha Resident Murdered by Perpetrators Identified as Myanmar Nationals

Burmese refugees murder man in mizoram
Victim KL Zoasa 

Siaha January 26, 2024 : In a tragic incident unfolding in Siaha, Mizoram, KL Zoasa, an Autorickshaw Driver in Siaha, met an untimely demise reportedly at the hands of Burmese Nationals.

Zoasa had been hired to transport the said suspected Burmese refugees from Siaha to Lawngtlai on Wednesday evening. Concerns arose when he failed to return home, prompting his family to reach out to him. During a phone conversation, Zoasa reportedly informed his family about ongoing fare negotiations with his passengers; however, all communication ceased after 9 PM. Subsequently, the family filed a First Information Report (FIR) at Lawngtlai Police Station.

The Autorickshaw, central to the incident, was located at Siaha Dai near the Council Veterinary farm. Siaha Police successfully apprehended suspects involved in the case. One of the detainees was taken by the police to Tuipui Ferry Ral in the Lawngtlai district, where the individuals reportedly confessed to having hidden the body of KL Zoasa. His lifeless body was discovered around 6 PM on Thursday, located along the KMMTTP Road near a junction leading to a Refugee Camp. His body was taken to Lawngtlai Police Station.

As of the current report, details surrounding the crime remain limited, with conflicting reports emerging regarding the number of individuals implicated in the murder. Some media outlets indicate the involvement of four individuals, with one allegedly fleeing, while others, including state media, suggest that three suspects have been apprehended.

Wednesday evening witnessed heightened tension in Siaha, as locals and residents from Mawhrei, Kl Zoasa's ancestral village, gathered around the Siaha Police station, demanding justice and the surrender of the perpetrators. Law enforcement successfully managed to control the situation, with no further outward incidents reported.

The news of this distressing murder has reverberated across Mizoram, highlighting the recurring concern of Mizoram residents falling victim to violence perpetrated by individuals of Burmese origin. As of the filing of this report, no official announcement has been made regarding the identity or names of the suspected perpetrators.

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