Ethnic Violence in Manipur Exposes Urgent Need for Justice and Equality ( Opinion )

Manipur Violence Woman violated

- Opinion by Chiinneikim Kipgen

Disinformation Campaign and Injustice:

 The ethnic violence in Manipur took a darker turn when a disinformation campaign about a Meitei woman allegedly raped in the Kuki/Zomi-dominated Lamka District was propagated by the World Meitei Organization on their Facebook page on 4th May 2023. The disinformation campaign by the World Meitei Organization has had devastating consequences as it led to a surge in violence against women, particularly targeting Kuki/Zomi women.

 Distressing accounts from family members of Kuki/Zomi women emerged, alleging horrifying acts of rape and public humiliation at the hands of Meitei men. Even more unsettling, a video of Meitei women physically assaulting Kuki/Zomi women in the valley and encouraging their male counterparts to commit acts of rape against them surfaced. Shockingly, the Meitei-owned media outlets and intellectuals from the Meitei community have overlooked or ignored these crimes as their reactions have been noticeably absent. This omission creates a significant void in understanding the true extent of the violence and calls into question the impartiality of their advocacy efforts.

Visual Evidence of Brutality:

On 18th July, a disturbing video emerged, showing Meitei men dragging two Kuki women by their private parts and threatening sexual assault. This video provides visual evidence to corroborate the accounts of victims' family members, which were previously ignored by Meitei-owned media outlets and activists. The question arises: Must we rely on such visuals to awaken our humanity to the suffering and experiences of these women?


Disparity in Justice:

While commendable actions have been taken to deliver justice and provide compensation for Mrs. Lucy Maring, a Maring Naga lady tragically murdered on 15th July 2023 in the Meitei-dominated Imphal Valley, the same gestures of justice were not extended to Ms. Donny Hangzo, a mentally challenged Kuki/Zomi lady who was killed in Imphal on 6th July 2023, or other victims from the Kuki/Zomi tribes. This disparity underscores the alarming reality of inequitable access to support based on community or background. Such inconsistencies raise concerns about the impartiality of the State Government and Meitei Civil Society Organisations like COCOMI.


Call for Equal Treatment:

 To address these deep-seated issues, it is imperative for civil society organisations and the government to ensure that all victims of violence, irrespective of their community, receive equal treatment and support. This includes providing justice to all victims affected by such atrocities. The impartiality and fairness of the system must be upheld to foster trust and restore a sense of justice among the affected communities.


The ethnic violence in Manipur and the subsequent response, or lack thereof, from Meitei scholars and activists underlines the urgent need for indiscriminate access to justice, equality, and a commitment to unbiased advocacy. The spread of disinformation and violence against women must be addressed with utmost urgency. Only through concerted efforts can Manipur hope to build a just and inclusive society that upholds the principles of justice, accountability, and equality for all its citizens.

Chiinneikim Kipgen, a political analyst from Manipur. The views and perspectives articulated in this piece are based on the author's independent analysis and research. For any inquiries or clarifications related to this opinion article, please contact the author at

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