Fugitive Couple Apprehended in Mizoram After YouTuber's Haunting Discovery of Dead Body

Ghost Hunting YouTuber Unwittingly Reveals Murder Scene as Suspects Confess
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Suspects involved in the Dihmunzawl corpse discovery case, where a YouTuber stumbled upon a lifeless body while filming a popular ghost-hunting video, have confessed their crimes to the police.

According to a report by Bengvarna, the suspects Lalroliana (43), son of Dengkima, and Lalsiampuii (40), daughter of Chalsawithangate'n, have disclosed their identities and revealed their relationship to the Police as couples and were friends of the victim, Vanlallawma (55). The report states that Lalroliana, driven by a fit of rage after witnessing what he believed to be inappropriate behaviour between Vanlallawma and his wife Lalsiampuii, violently killed the victim by beating him to death.

Law enforcement authorities successfully apprehended the couple near Selling as they were attempting to flee the scene. The spine-chilling incident unfolded on Friday when a  YouTuber from Mizoram, renowned for operating a ghost-hunting channel, stumbled upon a decomposed corpse while live-streaming a ghost hunt. The disturbing discovery took place during an evening expedition near a farm in Dizawl, situated close to the picturesque Tlawng River.

As the YouTuber ventured into the eerie surroundings in search of paranormal activity, their paranormal investigation took an unforeseen and chilling turn. The content creator unexpectedly came face to face with a lifeless body, lying motionless inside a farm hut. The horrifying encounter was broadcasted live on the channel, instantly capturing the attention of viewers and generating deep concern.

Following the distressing revelation, the video was promptly removed from YouTube, adhering to protocols aimed at preventing the dissemination of graphic and disturbing content. Swiftly notified, the local authorities took immediate action, assuming control of the situation.
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