Displaced Man from Manipur Electrocuted to Death in Tragic Mishap


Displaced Man from Manipur Electrocuted to Death in Mizoram

SIHPHIR, 10 July 2023 : Pu Lammuanthang, a 37-year-old displaced individual from Kanan Veng, Southern Manipur, tragically lost his life due to electrocution. Due to the ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur, pu Lammuanthang and his family sought refuge and better opportunities in Mizoram, fleeing their hometown in early June. However, their pursuit of safety and livelihood came to a tragic end when they encountered a fatal accident in their temporary residence in Sihphir Kawn Veng.

After spending a month in Khawdungsei, the family moved into Sihphir to live with another displaced tribal family from Manipur, who was living in rented accommodation. It was during their attempt to repair the tin roof of the house they were about to rent that the unfortunate incident occurred. Lammuanthang accidentally made contact with a live wire, resulting in a fatal electrocution.

Promptly responding to the distressing situation, Sihphir Branch Young Mizo Association (YMA) immediately took charge of the situation, ensuring all necessary arrangements were made. The body of Pu Lammuanthanf was entrusted to the Central YMA, who meticulously organised the required procedures. At approximately 11:30 am, the body was respectfully sent back to Manipur to be laid to rest in his hometown.

Expressing their condolences and solidarity with the grieving family, the Sihphir YMA conducted a vigil in honour of Pu Lammuanthang. A dedicated team arranged a fitting coffin for the deceased, ensuring that all necessary preparations were made to ensure a dignified farewell. The body will be transported up until Tuivai using the Sihphir YMA Morgue Van, after which it will be received by the Manipur Group YMA at the Mizoram-Manipur Border, facilitating its onward journey to Pu Lammuanthang's hometown.

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