Mizoram Congress Slams Mizoram CM for Allegedly Neglecting Zo People's Plight in Manipur

Congress Slams Mizoram Chief Minister for Neglecting Zo People's Plight in Manipur

Aizawl, 3 July 2023: In a scathing press release issued on July 2, 2023, the Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has criticized the Chief Minister of Mizoram, Pu Zoramthanga, for purportedly turning a blind eye to the distress faced by the Zo people in Manipur. The MPCC alleges that instead of addressing the ongoing turmoil, the Chief Minister is overly engrossed in his election campaign.

The press release highlights the dire situation in Manipur, citing the devastating toll the violence has taken on the local population. According to the MPCC, over 100 lives have been lost, and more than a thousand houses and churches reduced to ashes. It further reveals that more than 50,000 individuals are currently seeking refuge in over 1,000 relief camps. The MPCC expresses gratitude towards the people of Mizoram, local NGOs, and churches for their commendable efforts in assisting the victims of the Manipur violence. 

Accusing the central government of neglect, the MPCC takes aim at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, alleging that they are preoccupied with election campaigns. The late visit by Amit Shah to Manipur is dismissed as meaningless, while Prime Minister Modi's apparent apathy towards the situation in Manipur is criticized. The MPCC contends that the tribal village of Langza was attacked by Meiteis on July 2, 2023, resulting in the burning of churches and houses. Additionally, they report the gruesome murder of David Thiek, whose decapitated head was put on display.   

The press release further lambasts Chief Minister Zoramthanga for his purported lack of action in ensuring the safety of the Zohnahthlak community in Manipur. The MPCC claims that the only thing the Mizoram CM has done in regards to Manipur violence is communicate with Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh, who they claim had previously refused to engage with him but reached out after the alleged terror he inflicted on the Zo people. The MPCC contends that Mizoram and the Zohnahthlak family are not secure under Zoramthanga's leadership.   

Urging the Chief Minister to take decisive measures to alleviate the suffering of their "own people" in Manipur, the Congress party demands that he cease cooperation with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) until adequate security is provided to the Kuki-Zo people in Manipur. They further urge Zoramthanga to prioritize the security of Mizoram and Zo people over his party's interests. The MPCC pledges to work in coordination with both central and state leaders to ensure the safety and security of their brethren in Manipur. They also call upon Mizoram's NGOs, churches, and political parties to reject the BJP, which they accuse of working to eradicate Christians.

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