Tragic Workplace Accident Claims the Life of a Young Worker in Lawngtlai District

Lawngtlai July 12, 2023: Lalsangliana (23), son of F. Pahlira, a resident of Cheural, met with a devastating accident while at work on Wednesday noon, resulting in his untimely demise. The incident occurred at a construction site where Lalsangliana and his friends were engaged in cutting off rods using a grinder for a house construction project.

According to witnesses, Lalsangliana was carrying an extension cord in his armpit when an unfortunate current leak from the cord led to electrocution. It was reported that he was not wearing appropriate footwear and was working in a wet environment, which further compounded the risks. Swift action was taken by his co-workers who promptly disconnected the cable. However, Lalsangliana had already lost consciousness and, tragically, also suffered a head injury during the fall.

Efforts were made to rush Lalsangliana to the Sangau Primary Health Centre for immediate medical attention, but despite the best efforts of the medical staff, his life could not be saved. The bereaved family made arrangements to transport his body back to Cheural, where he will be laid to rest on Thursday.

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