A Hospital in Manipur's Tribal District Inspires Hope Amidst Adversity

Kangpokpi, Manipur Hospital
From Kaybie Chongloi's write-up

KANGPOKPI, Sep.30: In the face of widespread violence in Manipur, Kangpokpi Christian Hospital (KCH), a historic institution dating back to 1920, has made a remarkable resurgence. Established by the dedicated Dr. G.G. Crozier and his spouse, KCH was once revered as the finest hospital in the region, drawing patients from all corners of Manipur and the entire North East.

However, as newer hospitals with advanced facilities emerged, KCH gradually fell into disrepair, lacking modern infrastructure and equipment. The violence that has gripped Manipur since May 3, while unfortunate, has turned into a blessing for this venerable institution.

KCH has once again become a ray of hope for the community, witnessing a resurgence reminiscent of its glory days, with more than 200 outpatients and over 50-60 in-patients being treated daily. Recognizing the pressing medical needs arising from inadequate healthcare facilities and limited capacity for in-patients due to insufficient rooms and beds, the Kuki Students' Organization-General Headquarters took a proactive step by funding the construction of the hospital's first floor.

Construction commenced on June 14 and was completed on September 20, culminating in a heartfelt inauguration, dedication, and handover ceremony to the hospital authorities. This collaborative effort involved the International Love Ministry under the guidance of Rev. Dr. Holkhosei Touthang and Chingboi Touthang.

In the presence of various esteemed leaders from diverse community and civil society organizations, Rev. V. Sitlhou, Chairman of the Administration Committee at Kangpokpi Christian Hospital, officiated the inauguration and dedication of the newly constructed first-floor building. This milestone was celebrated as a beacon of hope for the community.

The positive transformation didn't stop there. The KSO-GHQ, in partnership with the International Love Ministry, introduced the KCH Canteen for in-patient families, further enhancing the overall experience for those seeking medical care at the hospital.

The KSO-GHQ expressed their belief that this revitalized hospital would better serve the needs of the people and called upon all to join hands in the collective effort to upgrade the hospital's infrastructure and equipment, thereby furthering its mission of serving humanity.

Paominthang Hmar, the Chief Administrative Officer of KCH, expressed deep gratitude to the KSO-GHQ and all contributors for their tireless dedication to the hospital's revival. He emphasized that the dream of the hospital's founders, Dr. and Mrs. Crozier, had been rekindled, and their legacy was being upheld.

Pao extended an open invitation to like-minded individuals to come forward and contribute to the betterment of the hospital, underscoring its status as a non-profit, charitable, and self-supported institution wholly dedicated to the service of humanity.

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