Minister Nemcha Kipgen Extends Warmth and Encouragement to Internally Displaced people in Kangpokpi

Minister Nemcha Kipgen compassionately distributing blankets to Internally Displaced People.

-Kaybie Chongloi
Kangpokpi 6 November 2023: Continuing her tireless efforts to reach out to the Internally Displaced Persons, Manipur's Textiles, Commerce, and Industry and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen on Saturday met thousands of Internally Displaced Persons at Kangpokpi District Headquarters. Apart from thousands of Internally Displaced Persons in relief camps set up in Kangpokpi town, there are also many Internally Displaced Persons staying in rented houses owing to various factors, mostly health issues. The Kangpokpi Town Committee identified such Internally Displaced Persons staying in a rented house at Kangpokpi town, and the Minister reached out to them with relief materials today. Minister Nemcha Kipgen, who is also the local MLA of Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency shared the suffering and pain of the people while meeting the IDPs. She said that the suffering and pain you have been enduring for the past six months pain me deeply and it makes most of my night tossing and turning and restless. However, I am so proud to figure out that you were strong enough to brave all such suffering and lead your life most optimistically with prayers, the Minister added. While exhorting them to motivate one another at these trying times, the Minister said that we should put our burdens on God for He will give us rest. "Stay hopeful, and be strong in prayers for God never fails His people", added the Minister. The Minister also urged the people to pray for the central leaders for their wisdom, and wellbeing. "As we keep our faith and trust in God, always keep our central leaders in your prayers, for their health, wisdom, and wellbeing, so, that they can come up with the best solution in solving our problems", she appealed. She also assured the people that as the representative of my people, I will always try not to fail my people and implore them to always keep her in their prayers. The Minister distributed three blankets each to all the Internally Displaced Persons staying in a privately rented house during the meeting. A prominent Evangelist, Rev. Solal also gave an exhorting speech through the Gospel words and also prayed for the Internally Displaced Persons, the Minister, and the leaders of the Kuki-Zo community. The Kangpokpi Town Committee, Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization, and the Kangpokpi Youth Union, who have taken an active role in the welfare of Internally Displaced Persons since the initial stage appreciated the Minister for her concern and dedication toward the wellbeing of her people. ALSO READ : Ethnic Violence in Manipur Exposes Urgent Need for Justice and Equality ( Opinion ) ON TRIBAL LANDS, ETHNICITY AND DIGNITY

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