Mizoram: Ngopa Village Launches Search Operation for Missing Assam Policeman on Election Duty

A close-up photograph of Constable Sabin Nath, a member of the Assam Police, who has gone missing in Saitual, Mizoram

Saitual, November 6, 2023: In a concerning development just a day before the scheduled Mizoram Election on November 7, 2023, a constable on duty has gone missing. The missing officer, Constable Sabin Nath, a member of the Assam Police hailing from Geruwa Muk Kutari Gaon in Nagaon District, who was stationed in Ngopa, Saitual District for election duty has raised alarm among locals and authorities.

According to reports from Saitual, Constable Nath was last seen heading towards the village centre of Ngopa from Ngopa Middle School where they are accommodated early on Sunday morning. His superiors were alerted about his movement, and efforts were immediately launched to locate him. However, despite extensive searches throughout the village, Constable Nath has remained elusive.

Adding to the concern, a report from Doordarshan News, Aizawl Kendra, suggests that Nath has a history of problems with intoxication. The situation comes when Mizoram is gearing up for its State Legislative Assembly crucial election, which is set to take place tomorrow.

In response to the report of his disappearance, the entire village of Ngopa has rallied together in a joint effort to locate the missing constable. However, as of the latest update, Constable Nath's whereabouts remain unknown. The search continues as Mizoram prepares for its imminent election.

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