After 8 years, a court in Madhya Pradesh grants justice to wrongly accused Mizo missionaries.

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In 2014, TBZ( A Mizo Missonary organisation) Mizo missionaries in Madhya Pradesh were wrongfully accused by a resident of Barwala in Madhya Pradesh, who claims that his house was vandalised by the missionaries and was offered 2 lakh rupees to convert to Christianity. 

Following the allegations, ten Mizo missionaries as well as three other local missionaries - were imprisoned for four days and four nights. Mr K. Lalrotluanga's wives and children were expelled from Barwaha village, while Mr Vanlalsawma's family was given shelter by their landlady despite strong opposition from the villagers.

The missionaries were represented in court by four lawyers: B.U. Sheik and Subhas Puranic from Barwaha, Shailendra Dwivedi and Dr Umesh Manshore from the Indore High Court. After four days in jail, villagers in Barwaha bailed out the missionaries, and the Alliance Defence Force (ADF) also played an important part in the struggle for justice.
On February 21, 2022, the court finally awarded justice to the Mizo missionaries after eight gruelling years of the case and four court sessions.

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The TBZ or "Thlarau Bo Zawngtute" is a missionary organisation from Mizoram that is 
working with churches to send missionaries around India. The organisation have multiple institutions across India. Mizoram has a thriving Missonary institution and sends thousands of Missionaries to India and the world every year. Some of the large players in the Mission includes the Mizoram Presbyterian Church, Baptist Church of Mizoram, UPC church and the TBZ. Together these churches and organisations operate hundreds of schools, health centres and vocational centres across some of the most underprivileged areas of India. Some of the best schools in Northeast India are run by churches and organisations from Mizoram. The  Mizo mission focuses primarily on social work while providing the gospel. 

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