Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Till 01 March 2022

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Live Updates: Russian President Vladamir Putin announced a "Military operation" in Ukraine on Thursday. Multiple locations in Ukraine has received shelling from Russian missiles. The move by Putin defies Western outrage and global appeal not to launch a war.  

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At UNSC Emergency Meeting, the Indian Ambassador to the UN T.S. Tirumurti expressed India's commitment to a diplomatic resolution to the ongoing crisis in Eastern Ukraine. Urging an urgent de-escalation, the Ambassador expressed India's deep concern over the recent escalation of tensions. He again mentioned that the well-being of the 20000 plus Indian nationals currently stationed in Ukraine is of utmost importance to the country and that India is facilitating the evacuation of its citizens from Ukraine.

01.03.2022 07:04 PM(IST): More talks have been scheduled between Ukraine and Russia: Report 
Russian media are reporting that more talks have been scheduled between Ukrainian and Russian officials for tomorrow, no locations have been set yet.

01.03.2022 06:20 PM(IST): Belarusian troops have entered Ukraine: Report 
According to a report, Belarusian troops have entered Ukraine to support the Russian military. 

01.03.2022 06:19 PM(IST): Indian Student dies in Ukraine's Kharkiv 
The Ministry of External Affairs has confirmed that an Indian student has died in shelling in Kharkiv Ukraine. 
01.03.2022 02:00 AM(IST): EU's Latest sanction on Russia The European Union announces the closure of European airspace to all Russian aircraft. 

01.03.2022 01:32 AM(IST): FIFA and UEFA Suspends Russia
FIFA and UEFA have acted in unison to suspend Russian teams from international football competition on Monday as global sports closes its doors to Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

28.02.2022 09:33 PM(IST): FIFA may suspend Russia
The global football governing body is understood to be working closely with its European counterpart UEFA and an announcement is expected later today.

28.02.2022 11:00 AM(IST): Referendum in Belarus approves proposal to renounce non-nuclear status commitment in the constitution - agencies
The change in the constitution could see nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil for the first time since the country gave up after the fall of the Soviet Union.

28.02.2022 10:30 AM(IST): Indian citizen evacuation operation in Ukraine
Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kiren Rijiju and Gen ( retd ) VK Singh to travel to neighbouring countries of Ukraine to coordinate the evacuation mission and help students: ANI quoting govt sources
27.02.2022 08:33 PM(IST): Russia and Ukraine to hold talks Ukraine's government has said that it is ready to talk with Russia in Belarus, with no preconditions. Ukraine vows that it will not give up a single piece of its territory.
27.02.2022 04:03 PM(IST): We will be supplying Ukraine with weapons: German Chancellor In a shift of policy German Chancellor has announced that Germany would be supplying weapons to Ukraine. Says Germany will upgrade its defence and allocate 2% of its GDP to defence. Germany will defend every inch of NATO territory he added

26.02.2022 07:47 PM(IST): Another 450 Million dollars was dispatched to Ukraine as a military aide by the USA
US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has authorised the dispersal of $350 million in security assistance to Kyiv, in an effort to help them defend their country from Russia.

26.02.2022 06:00 PM(IST): 100000 Ukrainians have crossed over to Poland: Poland interior Ministry

Many have taken temporary shelters in train stations. The refugees are being given official and unofficial help with many NGOs and private citizens coming out to help them.

26.02.2022 05:50 PM(IST): France seizes Russian Vessel in English channel

26.02.2022 05:48 PM(IST): France seizes Russian Vessel in English channel Russian authorities in Moscow haven't commented on it yet. The vessel was seized in early Saturday morning. France says it is a violation of the current sanctions imposed on Russia. The vessel was carrying cars to the Russian city of St.Petersburg.

26.02.2022 05:45 PM(IST): Russian Military targeting some civilian areas: Report According to a report, the Russian military is now targeting some civilian areas with civilian buildings across Ukraine being subjected to Russian shelling. Rusia also has targetted water and electricity supply according to a report.

26.02.2022 02:10 PM(IST): Ukraine President Volodymyr Zalensky calls on citizens to fight back As the Russian Military enters Kyiv, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zalensy took to social media dismissing claims that he had ordered citizens to lay down arms, ask all abled-bodied to fight back, says we will defend our state.

26.02.2022 04:16 AM(IST): Russia Vetoes measure to condemn its assault on Ukraine
In the ongoing UN Emergency Security Council Meet, Russia has vetoed measures to condemn its assault on Ukraine. Of the 15 members in the Security Councils, 11 including USA and Brazil voted in favour, 3 including China and India abstained.

26.02.2022 03:21 AM(IST): Ukraine says it is ready to talk about a ceasefire with Russia
A Facebook post by Ukraine President's Press Secretary says that Ukraine is ready to talk with Russia about a ceasefire and is working on deciding a location for talks.

26.02.2022 09:19 AM(IST): Ukraine military says Russian spies and saboteurs are on the outskirts of the capital Kiev
As Russia is closing in on Kyiv, the Ukraine military says the city is surrounded by Russian spies and saboteurs. Citizens have been instructed to hide in bunkers, Ukraine's president appealed for talks with Russia, saying Ukraine can be a neutral country.

26.02.2022 01:02 AM(IST): Russia slows down Facebook, Instagrams, WhatsApp in an attempt to curb Anti-war posts
According to Facebook, the Russian government has advised Facebook to stop its independent fact check labels on certain Russian sites.

25.02.2022 10:29 PM(IST): Russia trying to create a corridor between Crimea and eastern Ukraine Separatist regions; Ukrainian Intelligence

25.02.2022 09:19 PM(IST): Ukraine ask Turkey to close the Bosphorus & Darnell strait

Turkey can close the sea route between the Meditteranean
and the black sea if it feels threatened. Russia has already moved a fleet of warships and tank carrying vessels to attack Ukraine. Turkey, however, has good relations with both countries.

25.02.2022 07:48 PM(IST): Russia ready to send delegates for talks
The Kremlin has said that they are prepared now to send a high-level delegation to Minsk in Belarus for talks with Ukrainian delegations. Russia however wants Ukraine to lay down its arm, basically unconditional surrender.

25.02.2022 03:09 PM(IST): Sanctions on Russia, not enough says a Ukrainian MP
Talking to a news channel Ukraine MP Volodymyr Ariev says sanctions imposed on Russia is not enough to deter Russian invasion. He said the sanctions were not strong enough to stop Putin's aggressive plan.

25.02.2022 03:03 PM(IST): Gunfire heard across Northern Kiev
Gunfire and live explosionsKyiv have sent pedestrians running for their lives in Kyiv's Northern Districts

25.02.2022 02:39 PM(IST): Convoy of Russian Tanks and Military trucks now within 10 KM of the capital Kiev

The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv could soon be under Russian military siege as Russian Tanks and military trucks close in. Ukraine's president has signed a decree on the general mobilisation of the population.

25.02.2022 02:37 PM(IST): Throw Molotov Cocktail at Russian Military: Ukraine Ministry of Defence
The Ministry of Defence Ukraine has directed civilians to make their own Molotov cocktail with Petrols or any other thing they can find and hurl it at any Russian military they can find.

25.02.2022 01:47 PM(IST): Hostomel Airport recaptured by Ukrainian Military According to a report, there was fighting at Hostomel Airport near Kyiv and the Ukrainian Military has been able to recapture the airport from the Russians.

25.02.2022 12:47 AM(IST): US President Delivers Remarks on Ukraine Crisis

The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv could soon be under Russian military siege as Russian Tanks and military trucks close in. Ukraine's president has signed a decree on the general mobilisation of the population.
24.02.2022 11:47 PM(IST): Chernobyl Former Nuclear Plant under Russian Control: Report According to a report coming in, after prolonged fighting, the Chernobyl Former Nuclear Plant in Northern Russia is now under Russian control.

24.02.2022 11:39 PM(IST): Hostomel airport near Kyiv under control of the Russian says Ukrainian Presidential adviser There is an unconfirmed report that the Russian Military has landed on the airstrip.

24.02.2022 11:05 PM(IST): Hundreds of Anti-war demonstrators arrested in Russia Hundreds of protestors have been arrested in Anti-war Demonstrations across Russia. Anti-war demonstrations were organised in Moscow, St.ptersburg and other Russian cities.

24.02.2022 10:54 PM(IST): Ukraine President Volodymyr Zalensky claims that Russia is planning on taking over the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

24.02.2022 10:21 PM(IST): Russian Oligarchs holds discussion with Putin following multiple sanctions on the nation by the West The head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs tells President Putin they need to ensure the predictability of large scale investment as the country faces multiple economic sanctions from the west.

24.02.2022 10:18 PM(IST): A Russian Motor rifles Platoon has surrendered claims Ukraine Ambassador to the US The Ukrainian Ambassador to the US says a Russian Platoon from Russia's 74th Motor Rifles brigade has surrendered to Ukrainian Authority.

24.02.2022 09:00 PM(IST): PM Modi to speak to President Putin shortly: Foreign Secretary The Foreign Secretary of India, Harsh Vardhan Shringla in a press briefing on the Russia-Ukraine situation said that Prime Minister Modi is scheduled to speak to Russian President Putin shortly. The Foreign Secretary also addressed the question of Indian nationals currently stationed in Ukraine " A number of steps have been taken to deal with the emerging situation in Ukraine. We started the registration of Indian Nationals in Ukraine about a month ago. Based on online registration we found that 20,000 Indian nationals were there. Nearly 4,000 Indians have been able to leave Ukraine. Exit for land border via road and other means being facilitated." He said.

24.02.2022 08:03 PM(IST): Stock Markets plummets across the world
Stock Markets hard hit due to fear about the conflict in Ukraine and its future impact.

24.02.2022 06:14 PM(IST): EU, NATO Multi Progged News conference
"NATO and the Eu stand with the brave people of Ukraine.. NATO will do what it can to protect and defend all allies" - Stoltenberg.

24.02.2022 06:05 PM(IST): US President Joe Biden to address the world on Ukraine Crisis soon

24.02.2022 04:56 PM(IST): NATO General Secretary Delivers speech
"NATO allies condemn Russia invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible term" - Stoltenberg

24.02.2022 04:37 PM(IST): Picture of Pakistan Leader Imran Khan meeting with Russian president Vladamir Putin released
Russian President Vladamir Putin has meetings with Pakistan Leader Imran Khan as Russia undertakes military actions in Ukraine.

24.02.2022 04:30 PM(IST): Ukraine says more than 40 soldiers killed in the Russian invasion
One of Ukraine's advisors to the President has said that up to 10 civilians have also been killed following the war.

24.02.2022 04:04 PM(IST): Moldova is ready to take in thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the war
Moldovan President Maia Sandu said Chisinau would introduce a state o emergency and was ready to accept tens of thousands of Ukrainians fleeing the war.

24.02.2022 03:44 PM(IST): Kyiv hit by the first military strike: Report A loud explosion was heard in Ukraine's capital Kyiv, cause still unknown. Ukraine Ambassador to the UK claims that the area where the explosion happened is a residential area.

24.02.2022 03:30 PM(IST): Ukraine has severed all diplomatic ties with Russia Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that his country has severed all diplomatic ties with Russia in his speech.

24.02.2022 02:58 PM(IST): Ukraine President addressing the nation Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, our defence is working, we are distributing arms to anyone who wants to defend the country. Give your blood to hospitals, our defenders, this is serious work he says.

24.02.2022 02:50 PM(IST): 50 Russian soldiers have been killed in fierce fighting at Ukraine controlled Luhansk region claims Ukraine Military :
The military further claims to have shot down 6 Russian warplanes and 1 helicopter in the region.

24.02.2022 02:21 PM(IST): No Fly Zone in Eastern Europe Airlines have avoided flying around Ukraine and Southwestern Russia       

24.02.2022 02:19 PM(IST): Indian embassy in Kyiv issues advisory after Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday.

24.02.2022 01:55 PM(IST): Some Kyiv residents are leaving the city Some residents of Ukraine's Capital Kyiv have left the city as reports of Russia attacking some parts of the city surface.

24.02.2022 01:41 PM(IST): Russian Military claims that Ukraine's Air Defence and bases had been destroyed Putin's Military claims that Ukraine's air defence and its airforce bases had been destroyed, several civilian airports in Ukraine are also reported to have been bombed

24.02.2022 01:35 PM(IST): Reports of Russian Jets being shot down by Ukraine's military false: Russian Defence Ministry
The Russian Defence Ministry has denied reports of any Russian Jets being shot down by the Ukrainian Airforce, insisting that Russia is only targeting Ukrainian MIlitary infrastructure.

24.02.2022 01:31 PM(IST): Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky declares Martial Law Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky declares Martial Law on Ukraine, citing that Russia has targetted military infrastructures, urge citizens to stay home.

24.02.2022 01:26 PM(IST): Armoured column of Russian Tanks headed towards Ukraine's city of Mauripol from Belarus: Report According to a report, a column of RUSSIAN Tanks has been observed heading towards the Ukrainian city of Mariupol from Belarus. The city is home to Ukraine's major shipping port.

24.02.2022 01:18 PM ( IST): Russia suspends shipping in the Azov Sea, according to a report
Russia has suspended all commercial shipping activities in the Azov sea until further notice, a report says. Both Russia and Ukraine have shipping ports on the sea of Azov. Ukraine's major port Mariupol is affected.
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