Mizo Girl Found Dead In New Delhi In Suspicious Manner

Mizoram girl found dead in New Delhi
Lalruatkimi was reportedly found dead in her rented apartment

 Aizawl 15.09.2022 

A Mizo girl identified as Lalruatkimi ( 26) D/O Chhuansanga Thenzawl Field Veng Mizoram was found dead in her rented apartment in New Delhi on Tuesday 13.09.2022. 

Lalruatkimi, a Thenzawl resident, has been working in a BPO in New Delhi for the past two years and was sharing a room with others from Mizoram and other Northeastern states until she was left by her roommates according to a report. The cause of her death is yet to be verified however she was reportedly found hanging in her room. The case revolving around her sudden death becomes murky as many rumours about her death surface on Mizo social media, alleging that she was murdered by her former roommates.

However, an autopsy report has yet to be released, and these rumours and assertions cannot be validated or substantiated. Her body was taken to a Hospital in New Delhi according to a report. 

Details of the case are murky and The Mizos had not been able to verfy multiple claims made regarding her death on social media. A  Mizo Youtube Channel who spoke to a Journalist in Thenzawl reported that the police have detained her former roommates and her landlord, for questioning. According to the report made on the Channel, Lalruatkimi's family claimed that she and her former housemates had a dispute about overdue money. Lalruatkimi's friends allegedly borrowed money from her and were unable to reimburse her, therefore she had their possessions detained after they moved out.

According to the same report, Lalruatkimi's relatives reported that after moving out of the flat, her former roommates asked that she hand over their possessions, and when Lalruatkimi demanded that they reimburse the money they owed her, they threatened her with violence and hospitalisation. Lalruatkimi reportedly called her father on Tuesday evening, telling him that her former roommates were at her apartment with men and that she was afraid; her father advised her to return their possessions and avoid further dispute. However, a few hours after the phone call, the family was contacted and informed that Lalruatkimi had committed suicide by hanging.

In the report, the journalist stated that the family has not made any allegations nor have they filed an FIR as of now, but the police have reportedly taken in some of her former roommates and the landlord for questioning as they await the autopsy report. Meanwhile, according to Delhi Mizo Welfare, Lalruatkimi's body is expected to be flown into Mizoram by Thursday 15.09.2022. The Police have not made any statement in regards to the case. 

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