Mizoram NGOs Demand For The Nomination of Indigenous Person As State's Chief Secretary


Mizoram Massive Protest
Mizoram's NGOs have threatened that they will bar the current CS from entering the office 
until their demands are met ( Pic: Protest for Mizoram's CEO removal 2018) 

Mizoram's NGO Co-ordination Committee (NGOCC), which includes Central YMA, MUP, MHIP, MZP, MSU etc have announced today that they will block the current Chief Secretary from entering her office from May 31 in order to push their demand for the appointment of a Mizo person as the state's Chief Secretary. 

Speaking to the media at Aijal Club today, the NGO Co-Ordination Committee (NGOCC) said that they have petitioned the Vice President, Prime Minister, Mizoram Governor, Union Home Ministry, and Ministry of Home Affairs to appoint Mizos as chief secretaries. The requests, they claimed, had been ignored.

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"The NGO Co-ordination Committee has no personal opposition to the current Chief Secretary Renu Sharma. Given the fact that Mizo IAS candidates are available for the position, the central government's decision to ignore the state government's and people's plight is difficult for us to comprehend " Chairman R Lalngheta, CYMA President stated.

While the committee recognises that Mizos cannot be expected to serve as chief secretary for every term, it expects the government to give preference to indigenous Mizos candidates as long as Mizo candidates are available to fill the position. They added that they had made requests to the Vice President, Prime Minister, and Union Home Minister for Mizoram to have its own All India service cadre.

Renu Sharma, who was appointed Mizoram CS while working in Delhi as an additional CS (urban development), has also been appointed as Mizoram's commissioner and secretary GAD, Finance in 2012. She has also served as the state's principal secretary for Home and DP&AR.

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