Grape Growers in Mizoram Demands Restitution And Free Sale Of Champwine

Mizoram total prohibition
Excise authorities seize grape wine from shops in Aizawl on 27 May  (File Photo )

Champhai Grape Growers' Society (CGS) on Wednesday passed a resolution calling on the excise department of Mizoram to return Champ wines seized on May 27 in Aizawl. 'Champwine seized by the excise department on May 27, 2022, should be returned without any loss,' ' 'Let Champwine, made from grapes, no longer be confiscated, and allow us to market it freely,' they said.

Champhai Grape Growers' Society (CGS) assembly was held at Champhai Tlangsam winery on Saturday. Four resolutions were unanimously passed.

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1. The Mizoram government should negotiate price support of at least Rs. 5 (per kg.) for the sale of grapes grown by us.

2. Grape Champ wine seized by the excise department on Dt 27/5/2022 should be returned without any loss. 

3. The Mizoram government should purchase our grapes picked in 2022. To our satisfaction. 

4. Before grape producers organize a protest, the Mizoram government should stop the seizure of grape camp wine. The government should give us unrestricted freedom to market it.

Meanwhile, according to reports by Zalen, shops selling Grape wine in Aizawl were closed on Saturday following grape wine seizure operation by excise officials on Friday. The report stated that Excise officials have also seized the keys of the shops and have imposed a fine of Rs3000 on shopkeepers.

Grape wine vendors' organizations were created in various regions of Mizoram in the past, but such groups have apparently ceased to exist now that their licenses cannot be renewed. Hence, the exact number of stores selling grape wine cannot be ascertained. 

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