ZPM Can Be Expected To Form A Government In 2023 Mizoram Election - ZPM President Lalliansawta


Lalliansawta, the president of the Zoram People's Movement (ZPM), predicted that ZPM would win the Mizoram state elections in 2023, and urged Mizoram residents to get a fresh perspective.    

On Thursday, Lalliansawta made the assertion at a party meeting in Siaha. "By 2023, the ZPM party is expected to be in power in Mizoram. Other parties have outlived their usefulness. Given how far behind we are in comparison to other states on the mainland, let alone within the Northeast, It is past time for us to lead the country with good governance, fairness, and justice. I encourage the people of Mizoram and the Mara District to get a fresh perspective "he said.

Despite admitting that ZPM faced challenges in making an impact on the recently concluded Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) Election, the party president referred to ZPM leadership in Mara District and their candidate as pioneers who are sowing the seeds of ZPM spirit in the district." With our current position in MADC, there is no hope for us to form a government in the council," he added. "However, we are very proud of our candidates who  contested the election despite all of these challenges"

According to party sources, the president also welcomed 142 new members into the Party. 

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