"My Father Was Member of The Indian National Army ( INA)" : Mark's Father Slams Manipur CM For "Myanmarese" Comment

Mark Haokip father slams Manipur CM
Human Rights Activist Dr Mark Haokip's Father spoke to the Hills Journal
Pic: The Hills Journal

According to a story in The Hills Journal, the father of arrested Manipur human rights activist Dr Mark Haokip lambasted Chief Minister N. Biren Singh for his claimed "blind and irresponsible" comment in which he labelled the IHRA Manipur Chapter President as a Myanmarese. 

Limkhosei Haokip, 76, told the Hills Journal that his father, Ondou Haokip, was a member of the Indian National Army (INA), and that "we come from a line of Indian freedom fighters."

Dr. Mark Thangmang Haokip's father referred to the state Chief Minister's statement as "blind and irresponsible," and asked N. Biren Singh if he could provide any proof that his son is a Myanmarese, adding that "we have been living in Manipur for centuries since the time of Landaithangba, where my parents lived at Mombi, and I was born at Haikot after my parents shifted from Mombi to Nungtak"  According to the report.

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Mark's father continued in the report, "My Father Ondou Haokip fought the British as an Indian National Army, and we also contributed tremendously during the Khongjom War for the state," adding that the CM's "blind statement" is an insult not only to their family but to all the families of freedom fighters, as well as the entire nation, including the chief minister himself.

"What Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has done to us is not about Manipur's integrity but is purely an enemy's act to annihilate our rights to live as true citizens of India and Manipur," Mark's father asserted. "It's not good, this isn't a good thought," he said, questioning the Chief Minister about why he hasn't brought his son to court yet.

In the report by the Hills Journal members of Dr Mark Haokip's family including his elder brother Paokhothang Haokip spoke out against the "Claims" made by Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh in a video clip. 
Expressing his shock when he came across a video clip of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh claiming his brother as a Myanmarese. Paokhothang explained the nature of his brother's involvement with Human rights violations in Myanmar and allege that Manipur CM Biren Singh was a confused man who forms biased opinions based on the Facebook profile of Mark Haokip. 

You may read the full report by Hills Journal by clicking here

Reference : 
We are an Indian freedom fighter family: Mark’s father to N.Biren

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