Oil and Rice Import from Bangladesh via Tripura Is Being Considered : Mizoram Supply Minister

Mizoram fuel crisis 2022
Two-wheeler owners formed a long line to get their vehicles refuelled near Mizofed filling station Aizawl  Photo by Em Muana

Mizoram's Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs (FCSCA) minister K Lalrinliana said that fuel and rice imports from Bangladesh via Tripura were being considered in light of the state's current fuel crisis. The minister also urged the public to ration supplies.

In response to a media question, K Lalrinliana said that fuel and rice cannot be imported from Silchar at the moment due to Assam's recent floods, which have severely damaged the state's railway infrastructure. He stated, "It is unknown when the railway will be repaired." "It will take a long time to complete. As a result, we must find new ways to import oil and rice "he added.

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The Supply Minister informed that  Meghalaya route is closed due to multiple landslides and that goods such as rice and oil will be imported directly by road from Guwahati. "The transportation costs will be higher, and it will take a longer time," he postulated.  Oil and rice imports from Bangladesh via Tripura are also being investigated, according to K Lalrinliana. "We'll need permission from the Central Government to put this plan into action. The Minister of External Affairs has been asked to act immediately "He said.

"For the time being, people should limit their consumption. Even if fuel can be imported from Guwahati, supplies will be in short supply." The minister went on to say that until the rail tracks are fully repaired, fuel distribution would have to be rationed.  In terms of rice in the state, the minister stated that the current situation is not too bad because areas that have kept Monsoon stocks have 3-4 months' worth of supplies, and that there may still be some scarcity in areas where Monsoon stocks are not generally stored. "We're doing everything we can," he said.

The Supply Ministers met FCSCA department officials, Food Corporation of India (FCI) and Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) officials at his office on Thursday. Matters concerning the prevailing weather-induced constraints on rice and oil import to Mizoram and measures to reduce its impact on the public were discussed. The meeting discussed the status of the FCSCA and FCI rice storage facilities; according to the report, there would be no problems in distributing rice rations to the people.

The meeting also heard a report from IOC on petroleum; IOC officials stated that diesel (HSD) is available in Ramnagar Oil Depot and that importing it to Mizoram should not be a problem. Due to a shortage of petrol at Ramnagar Oil Depot, 30 oil tankers have already arrived in Silchar to collect petrol from Guwahati. They also stated that, according to Borkhola Gas Bottling Plant sources, gas (LPG) supply should be unaffected.

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