Newly Formed "Save Mizoram Rivers" To Protect Rivers In The State

Save Mizoram Rivers Team
A meeting of Save Tlawng River Northern Unit in the Conference Hall of Principal,
PUC on May 20, 2022. The meeting formed Save Mizoram Rivers.( PUC Facebook Page)

Mizo activists and professionals joins hands and formed a new group called "Save Mizoram Rivers" to protect Mizoram's rapidly deteriorating rivers.

Mizoram's major rivers are becoming polluted as a result of development activities and improper soil and waste disposal. Concerned citizens from all walks of life recently gathered at Pachhunga University College (PUC) to discuss this issue. The meeting saw the formation of 'Save Mizoram Rivers' group, which has tasked itself to take necessary actions. 

Prof. H Lalthanzara, principal of PUC, presided over the meeting. Vanneihthanga Vanchhawng, host of the LPS Special Report, explained the status of the Tlawng River and the importance of preserving it, as well as the reason for the meeting.

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The meeting was also attended by Romalsawma Hmar, who went on a rafting & surveying expedition of the Tlawng River from Zobawk to Bairabi between April 20 and May 5 this year. "During the dry season, two-thirds of the rivers in the mountains are dry. Thick forests are scarce at the mouths of these rivers "He said this while emphasising the importance of preserving the river since so many people rely on it for a living.

Lalnunmawia Chuaungo, IAS (Rtd.) informed the meeting that the Mizoram government is preparing two bills to protect Tlawng and other rivers and groundwater in the state. He stated that in order for the measure to be successful, suggestions and follow-ups on the government's efforts must be made.

Participants agreed that now that the rainy season has begun, the dumping of dirt and debris along the road going to Reiek along the Tlawng river, which serves as Aizawl's water supply, should be treated seriously. They resolved to take immediate action to stop the current dumping of dirt and waste at the mouth of the Tuithum river, which flows into Tlawng.

The meeting also welcomed the adjustment of leadership responsibilities; Vanneihthanga was appointed convener. H Lalthanzara and Vanlalruata (former CYMA president), Dr K Vanlaldinpuia and Vanlalhrima were appointed as secretaries and joint secretaries.

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